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Why the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma re different from person to person?

Neuroblastoma is cancer that occurs in the nerve cells of the individual. This is most common in the children of or below 5 years of the age. However, it can occur in elder children. The signs and the symptoms of the disease will depend on the parts affected. Therefore, one should consult the oncologist in time to prevent any complications.


There are different types of cancer. The name of cancer depends on the area from which it has started. But some of the cancers originate from the cells which are present in more than one part of the body. One such type of cancer is neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is cancer that develops in the immature nerve cells that are found in several parts of the body.

Body parts affected with Neuroblastoma

This cancer commonly arises near the adrenal glands. These have a similar origin to that of a nerve cell and sits at the top of the kidney. But, cancer can develop in other parts of the body which has nerve cells like the chest, neck and near the spine. Neuroblastoma is common in children who are below or of 5 years of the age., However, it can affect older children as well. But, it is more common for the younger children.

There is some form of neuroblastoma that can go away on their own. But there are some which require multiple treatments. However, the disease is extremely rare and affects just 1% of children all over the world.

Signs and Symptoms of Neuroblastoma

Every disease has its own signs and symptoms which will help the doctor to get an idea about the disease. However, in neuroblastoma, the signs and symptoms will differ from one another. The signs and symptoms will differ on the basis of which part of the body is affected by the neuroblastoma.

1. For neuroblastoma that occurs in the abdomen - In this case, the most common signs and symptoms are -

• Pin in the abdomen. This pain is of high intensity and can occur quite often.

• There will be mass developed in the skin that will not be tender when you will touch it.

• There will be some changes in the habits of the bowel. Some of them can be diarrhea or constipation.

2. For neuroblastoma in the chest - If you are suffering from the neuroblastoma in the chest, following are the most common signs and the symptoms -

• There might be a pain in the chest. However, this pain may or may not be of high intensity.

• Wheezing in the chest.

• A cough and cold and sounds from the chest when breathing.

• Changes in your eye. These changes can be unequal pupil size and can be drooping eyelids.

The other signs and symptoms which depicts the neuroblastoma includes -

• There might be a lump developed under the skin. In some cases, the lump can be seen while in other cases, it can feel in touch.

• Proptosis - Proptosis is a situation when the eyeball of the children will appear like protruding from the sockets.

• There can be a dark circle around the eyes. One can also have the bruises around the eyes.

• Extreme back pain which may or may not is frequent.

• Loss of weight without even trying.

• Pain in the bones especially, that of the affected area.

• Mild fever in starting and then high fever afterward.

If your child is experiencing three or more than three symptoms mentioned above, it is better to take your child to the pediatrician. Don't forget to mention the changes in the habits or the behavior of your child. If your pediatrician will feel like consulting the oncologist, so that in time. 

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